Vantage Motors Corporation is an independent automobile dealer that specializes in unique and hard-to-find luxury and sport vehicles.

Our business philosophy is simple:

Offer an exceptional product, price it at or below the market, and make the transaction as easy and enjoyable as possible. If we have a car you like and can structure the right deal for you, terrific! If not, we'll try again on another day, maybe on another car. No pressure, no hard feelings.

One of the things that makes Vantage Motors Corp. unique is our in-house rule:

We only sell the cars that we love ourselves, so we only deal with a select number of vehicles.  We are constantly searching for these special cars from private parties, other dealers, leasing companies, and specific car auctions. (Did you know that 80% of all cars that are traded-in to a dealer or come off-lease end up at an auction to be sold to another dealer?)  The hard part of our work is not selling.  It is actually buying.  We try our best to find the right vehicle that satisfies our car enthusiast urge.

The criteria for our cars is actually simple and probably quite similar to yours:

They must have great appearance, (remember... first impressions), and they must be structurally sound with authentic mileage and a clean title. If the car fails to meet even one of these requirements, we don't buy it! And if for one reason or another the previous owner missed a scheduled service, not to worry. Before delivery to you, all of our cars are inspected for fluids, filters, brakes and anything else to make your new purchase reliable and trouble free.